01 August 2009

Hollywood novelties

Advertising can be seen all throughout the parks in a variety of manners. From the sponsorship logos attached to various attractions and pavilions, to billboards and movie posters sprinkled throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and even the signature Kodak commercials on the back of the park guide maps. Like many of the ads, today’s topic is often passed by, overlooked, and even sat upon without so much as a glance in its direction. I am, of course, referring to the benches perched along the curbs of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.Like a good portion of benches found in urban areas these concrete and wood beam benches occasionally sport a seatback with a large advertisement. They key to these bench billboards, both inside the park and in real cityscapes, is the ability to not overuse them. In other words, ten benches with ten various advertisements placed on their backs will garner less attention than two ads mingled in with eight regular benches.The benches found within Disney’s Hollywood Studios promote not only sponsored products, such as Quilted Northern who sponsor a bathroom directly across from its bench, but also various dining and shopping experiences throughout the park. These benches illustrations are bright, bold, properly structured, uncluttered and well-placed.Be sure to keep an eye out for these benches, as well as any benches throughout Walt Disney World, you never know what you might be getting ready to sit upon.

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