08 August 2009

Ryan's Death Scene

I’ve talked before about my experiences with becoming an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. During my latest guest appearance, on Disney’s Hollywood Studios 20th Anniversary no less, I was given a larger role as an extra in a scene called “Ryan’s Death Scene.” Okay, sure, I knew it wouldn’t be a recurring role, but it was a step up from my usual character. I was told to use as much of the stage as possible, and to make as much noise as possible. Check and check. In fact, I took so long, and took up so much space, that the eventually had to use the machine gun to get me to stay down.

The only problem with the scene? Apparently, as the photographs below clearly demonstrate, I had way too much fun dying. Wait, what’s that, do I hear calls for a reshoot? I think that sounds like a great idea!


AJ said...

That's hilarious, Ryan! So glad you had someone capture it on film.

Princess Fee said...

I see an Oscar in your future!!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

AJ - I love this show, but your so far away, it is always hard to get great photographs. Luckily I had someone who knwos their way around a camera this time.

Princess - Only if I pick one up in the Studios somewhere! ;^)