03 August 2009

All there is to be seen

This past week, I once again had the pleasure of jumping in Lou Mongello’s Wayback Machine has he and I reminisced about the history and future of transportation, as seen through the eyes of the extinct attraction, World of Motion. While talking on the WDW Radio Show, we broached the subject of where guests can still see pieces of this retired attraction.

In the ‘carriage without a horse’ scene guests were subjected to one of the first modern traffic jams. A bus, horse-drawn carriage, trolley, and several other vehicles all meet at an intersection where produce and fowl have run afoul of their cart. Once World of Motion ceased to move on down the highway of tomorrow, these chickens found a new life at Wiseacre Farm, in Mickey’s Toontown Fair. As a part of the farm, guest meander through the barn and see the same chickens cooped-up near, what else, a Chicken Exit.When an attraction is refurbished, redesigned, or demolished altogether there is always a chance that it will only ever live on in our memories. Of course, there is always a chance, just like in the case of the World of Motion chickens, that we will see them once again in a place where they can be loved by a whole new generation and offer those of us who remember where they began a moment to reflect on all we have seen and done in Walt Disney World.As always, I hope that you tune in this, and every, week to the WDW Radio Show.

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