04 August 2009

Coming to my kitchen

We spoke a little about food and little about their signs this morning, and I thought that the signage in Walt Disney World, while often extraordinarily crafted to blend in and catch-the-eye at the same time, is often disregarded. Within Imagineering the group that is tasked with fashioning these signs are the Graphic Designers. According to the Imagineering Field Guides, “Graphic Designers produce signage, both flat and dimensional, in addition to providing lots of the artwork, patterns, and details that finish the Disney show. Marquees and directional signs are just a couple of examples of their work.”In honor of their work, here are several examples of restaurant signage.


Princess Fee said...

I do love all the signage throughout the theme parks - and what a great post with some fantastic pictures!

Gator Chris said...

Couldn't agree more. The signage is often overlooked, but the worlds of Disney would be poorer indeed without their contributions.

They also make lovely photographs.