13 January 2009

Scared kids don't laugh

The bulletin board over at Mike and Sully’s Monsters Inc. Meet-and-Greet, located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, offers up some terrific puns, gags, and insights into the inner workings of the monster thought process. Previously, the Main Street Gazette looked at the Top 10 Ways to Get Fired, and all that that entailed. Today, let’s take a look at a memo that would be helpful for top scarers who are trying to convert themselves over to top comedians.Though posted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this memo would, perhaps, fit better in the Magic Kingdom’s Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. What strikes me is the emphasis on not hurting the audience. In a world where contact with humans is petrifying, this memo seems to imply that many of the monster-comedians would want to reach out and touch someone. Still, “Punchline does not mean hit the child,” has to be one of my favorite Monsters Inc. details anywhere, but, perhaps that is just the teacher in me.

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Unknown said...

Great find!

We should apply those same rules to us Disney bloggers!