07 January 2009

D-I-Y: No case too small

In 1990 The Walt Disney Company and Kellogg teamed up to add some gear to all potential Rescue Rangers’ arsenal. With Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Secret Decoder, no case would slip through the cracks and communication with other diminutive detectives became a TOP SECRET affair.Today’s D-I-Y offers a modified version of the decoder that was available in cereal boxes everywhere in 1990. For today’s project you are going to need the above image (save image to your computer and then print it out as a 3.5x5 picture) and scissors.
Using scissors, cut along the Secret Decoder’s outside edges.
Fold the bottom third, marked by a black line, in (away from the other two images).
Fold the middle third, now appearing as the bottom half, in (away from top image).

Using the code created by the pairs of numbers and letters, write out and decipher messages to and from your fellow Rescue Rangers. For numbers, reverse the cipher for letters A – I and Z.

Given those cryptic instructions, can you decode my secret message?
14-6-6-21 5-2-19-12-24-10-15-8 2-21 4-13-22-3 B-B

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