19 January 2009

Going through some thick brush

Like Expedition Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro Safaris’ queue creates vignettes that are reminiscent of experiences required for a true safari. From booking passage at the safari office, to being given instruction on the wildlife preserve, and even guidebook information that a guest would have looked up ahead of time, these mini-events literally, and figuratively, set the stage for what is ahead.

In Harambe the official language is Swahili. If someone were going on a safari, it would probably be prudent to learn the terms for animals you may see. After all, if an excited guide spots an animal after three days of not seeing anything, he may very well use his native tongue. Thankfully, like any good translation guide book, the Swahili term for many of the animals found within the Kilimanjaro Safaris are presented upon first entering the queue.

For those of you trying to get a jump start on your next safari, be sure to brush up on these terms:

Zebra - Punda Milia

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