03 January 2009

And that's the truth

When Fort Wilderness and Frontierland compromise a young boy’s back yard, one figure is bound to stand out amongst all the rest, Davy Crockett. On Disneyland’s Davy Crockett Goes to Congress, Davy Crockett and his faithful companion, George Russel, have a run in with Big Foot Mason. What comes next, well,… perhaps it is best if I let George tell you himself.

“I remember the day Davy entered his shootin’ match against the meanest and nastiest man on the mountain, Big foot Mason. He claimed to be the best shot in Tennessee. Old Davy, he wasn’t scared. He was sent to challenge Big Foot and that he did. On the day of the match, Big Foot shot a bull’s eye and a second shot just an inch away, but that didn’t bother Davy none. Then it came time for Davy to take aim. With his first shot, Davy placed that bullet right in the bull’s eye. Davy then fired his second shot. No one could see where the bullet went. Big Foot thought he had won, but is was Davy who got the last laugh. You see, Davy was so good a shot he placed the second bullet right smack behind the other in the bull’s eye and won the match.

And that’s the truth,
George Russel
May 25, 1825"

For those of you in search of George Russel’s letter, it can be found high on a shelf within Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café, right near the schematics of Davy Crockett’s Old Betsy. As for me, well, I’m going to keep on the trail set out by Davy himself, shoulderin’ the rifle and aiming for the bull’s eyes.

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Princess Fee said...

Wow - what fantastic details! I'll need to keep a look-out for that on my next trip!