21 January 2009

Amazing marvel of the midway

Mr. Potato Head has had many outfits, or ensemble elements, over the sixty years since it's created by George Lerner in 1949 (it would take until 1952 until Hasbro began selling the spud). From Darth Vader outfits, to Disney vacation-wear, to the classic cartoon eyes and mustaches, Mr. Potato Head must have a wardrobe that rivals most starlets for quantity.Recently, he has acquired a new outfit and job title, Boardwalk Barker. Like most toys with sound and action, Boardwalk Barker Mr. Potato Head's box comes complete with a TRY ME! feature, instructions for creative construction, and pictures of the included accessories. With a new microphone and hat, Mr. Potato Head is ready to call-in the passersby, or in this case the guests in the queue, to Toy Story Midway Mania. My only question is, why didn't Andy add on the bow tie included with the rest of the Boardwalk Barker accessories?

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