14 January 2009

Number 1 in electro-robotics

PUSH showed up last weekend at the WDW Radio Show Meet of the Month and had a nice conversation with Lou Mongello, hinted at some developments in Tomorrowland, and put a smile on the faces of the masses. You can check out the video of the exchange over at Passamaquoddy. On the Gazette side of PUSH, you can check out a blurry picture from the exchange with Lou or read about my wife’s previous interaction with PUSH.

During the trip, I also ran into PUSH’s younger cousin, Beverly, in Epcot. She looks sweet enough, in that classic beauty sort of way, but man does she leave a bitter taste in your mouth!Seriously though, as PUSH said in the video on Passamaquoddy, I never want o have to write an article bemoaning the loss of PUSH and why he should be saved. PUSH is one of the few characters given life inside of the Disney theme parks that has never had a life outside of that environment, and d yet, as a part of the theme park family, I can think of no other character in Tomorrowland who has brought so many smiles to so many. PUSH is innovative, interactive, and irresistible. Keep on rolling PUSH!


Princess Fee said...

Ah, Beverley, brings back some very fond memories...

And I must say how much I love PUSH! I say we all push for PUSH (sorry, bad pun!). But seriously, PUSH is one of the best things about Tomorrowland - I just love when I can bump into him/her. I especially love seeing the kids interact.

And it was nice for Lou to meet someone smaller than him too!

Anonymous said...

That PUSH encounter was truly the highlight of my trip. As are all encounters with PUSH.