08 May 2008

What in tarnation is this

There is an attention to detail, the aspect of show if you will, in Walt Disney World that continues to amaze me. During my recent trip I found myself near Min & Bill’s and the crates that pay homage to some classic films. I was startled to realize that these clever details that we have come to know and love had been painted over and the crates were left a plan drab grey. True, just having the crates there add to the ambiance of the area, but the feeling was just not the same without the witty names and addresses.
Two days later I returned to this location to find the names and addresses had been reapplied and the crates where ready to be shipped out. These features are applied with spray paint and stencils and, apparently, over time the spray paint begins to fade leaving what Disney would consider poor show. When those times creep back up, the area of the crates that have been stenciled over are painted over, and the wonderful labels are reapplied.These are not new details, though occasionally the names and address change, but they are still treated as a vital part of the guest experience. It is this type of sharp-eyed awareness that continues to elevate the event of wandering through Walt Disney World.


Princess Fee said...

That's brilliant - and shows the level of attention to detail that WDW have with the 'props' on stage. I love that one day they weren't there, and the next they were - that's true Disney Magic!

Jessica said...

You know how much I love these particular crates. :-) I was so sad to find them painted over a few weeks ago, but like you, was amazed to find them freshly repainted only a couple days later. I'm so glad they are back, particularly my all-time favorite The Producers one.

DD said...

haha!!! This is an amazing catch. :) I love it when you see Disney staying on top of their consumer image. :)