19 May 2008

We were up on Forbidden Mountain and saw something big

“Three sizes have been sighted, from the five foot tall me-teh to the dzu-teh, which towers over eight feet, and they may or may not be related.”
-Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain: The Journey Begins p. 10

This size differential would make perfect sense, especially if you considered the prints available at both Expedition Everest and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. The casting and carving that are presented below clearly represent two very unique high-altitude, and attitude, legends.

And what trek into myth would be complete without a tale about a footprint.
“I stared, first amazed, then perplexed, at the spot where this apparition had stood. Why had I not taken a picture? I stood stock-still, listening to the silence, my senses as alert as those of an animal. Then I crept into the undergrowth from which the creature had emerged only to disappear again, noting everything that moved, every sound that rose above a murmur of the lightest breeze, every scent different from that of the forest floor. There in the black clay, I found a gigantic footprint. It was absolutely distinct. Even the toes were unmistakable. To see that the imprint was fresh I touched the soil next to it. It was fresh. I took a picture and checked the soil around it. My shoes didn’t sink in nearly as deeply as had the creature’s bare soles.”
-Reinhold Messner, My Quest for the Yeti p. 5


DD said...

My husband is trying to bully me into riding Expedition Everest (look I even used the full name for you!!) this trip. He's trying to guilt me saying "how are you going to tell your readers about it if you wont even ride it".

If I die you can take over my URL.

Greg said...

Be the ride Krissy, be the ride. Expedition Everest is our friend.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Not that I wish you harm (it is a fun ride, though my wife does get a little nauseous once in a while), but I've always wanted to be a Diva! ;)

DD said...

I'll get you a princess feather boa and some plastic heels if you're nice on my trip in 10 days!!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Hmm, as tempting as that sounds, I think I should pass.