01 May 2008

As people of all lands have gathered - Part I

This Diversion comes to us directly from Club Cool, on the cusp of World Showcase. Club Cool features not only some of the coolest Coca-Cola merchandise available, as well as tempting treats meant to beat the heat, but also offers samples of various beverages from around the globe. Tomorrow, along with the results from the Diversion, we will also talk a little more about the beverages available at Club Cool.
Today’s challenge however comes from the tables of Club Cool, upon which is the Coca-Cola logo in thirteen different languages. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the order in which the countries’ logos are represented. To show that I am not completely cruel, I am even going to give you the countries/regions so that no one has to start from scratch. Another tip, click the image to see the scripts in a larger format. Should you feel so inclined, go ahead and send in your guesses as comments or emails. Good luck to everyone!

Countries: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Russia, Sri Lanka-Sinhalese, Sri Lanka-Tamil, Taiwan, and Thailand.

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