01 May 2008

The exploration of deep space

Mission: SPACE and the classic attraction that used to occupy the same plot of land, Horizons, have both shown up on my radar a couple of times today. First over at Disney World Trivia and then over at Richard’s fine Photos from the Parks. In honor of both beloved attractions I decided to throw out some bonus photographs this evening that blend the old and the new.

Here the architecture of Mission: SPACE is met with the landscaping design of the Horizons’ planter.

Blended into the hub of Mission: SPACE’s gravity wheel is the gone, but not forgotten, emblem of Horizons.

And finally, when it comes time to pay for all of your new Mission: SPACE swag, be sure to take a look down at the Horizons’ symbol once again worked into the area’s design.


The Viewliner Limited said...

God I love this space stuff. Must go there one day.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ryan, for the shout-out. I'm glad you took a snapshot of the Horizons logo; that was nice to see.