02 May 2008

As people of all lands have gathered - Part I

First off, let’s start with the answers to yesterdays Diversion. The countries, in order are:

1 Russia
2 Japan
3 Sri Lanka-Sinhalese
4 Israel
5 Korea
6 China
7 Taiwan
8 Ethiopia
9 Bulgaria
10 Sri Lanka-Tamil
11 Bangladesh
12 Egypt
13 Thailand

These table tops add another layer to the Coca-Cola details of the area, and to the theme of making the world a smaller place to be a part of. Though Club Cool resides in Future World, the tasting stations continue to support the unity narrative of World Showcase. Breaking down the various beverages provided, with three samples from Asia, two from Europe, and one each from Africa, South America, and North America.

Smart Watermelon (China)
Kinley Lemon (Israel)
VegitaBeta (Japan)

Mezzo Mix (Germany)
Beverly (Italy)

Krest Ginger Ale (Mozambique)

South America
Diet Tai GuaranĂ¡ (Brazil)

North America
Lift Apple (Mexico)

While much has been made of the taste of Italy’s Beverly, a distinct taste which is said to be derived from the rind of a grapefruit, this is only another illustration of creating cultural awareness. Each of these beverages are popular in their native country, yet their flavors do not necessarily translate to other areas of the globe, a feeling, or rather taste, that goes both ways. Club Cool is an excellent place to visit to grab a quick thirst quencher, and to embrace the differences that make each of us unique as an equal and intricate part of this world.

A s a bonus today, it’s Friday, you deserve a few extra shots of caffeine and sugar, here are some other Coca-Cola details from Epcot. This time coming to us from World Showcase’s Outpost and, in an attempt to tie together a couple of the trends from this week, maybe you’ll recognize some of the logos from yesterday’s Diversion or maybe you'll spot a crate or two.

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