24 May 2008

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It is always nice to see a friend receive the recognition they so rightly deserve. So it was that I was filled with great pride when I read this article on the LA Times website that mentions Imaginerding. Though we have never met in person, I consider George a friend, and was so happy for him when I saw the article. He is one of the classy geeks I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

In honor of both of the Taylor brothers, and their little sister, I’d like to present this little detail I found right across from the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular recently. Congratulations!


Greg said...

Let me add my congratulations as well. When George sent the email last night, it was like, am I missing something. Then, there it was, Imaginerding. Why to go George!

Andy said...

Way to go on hitting the big time, Nerdy Brothers! And as a surveyor I love the equipment crate you found!