03 May 2008

Special Delivery

Postcards. While it seems that most everyone keeps in touch with friends and family through cell phones and email, while on a tour there is nothing better than a postcard of your experience to place your loved ones in the adventure with you. A snapshot of an attraction, resort, character, or other feature, alongside the postcard’s animated description on the back corner, plus a few personally penned words, will tell an all encompassing story, while capture the true spirit of a moment, day, or trip and show your family and friends just how much you were thinking about them.
True, these postcards may arrive home after your trip (the postcard I sent from Animal Kingdom last trip did not reach my preschoolers until I had been back for over a week), but you will shine in the eyes of the recipient for the effort you have shown. Brining back a piece of the journey to those waiting at home is one of the greatest character traits an Adventurer can possess.

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