01 December 2007

Magic of the Disney Christmas fills the air

Back in 2002, the Disney Magazine ran an article detailing how to create a Mickey Wreath, similar to the ones that adorn various lampposts throughout Main Street and the Magic Kingdom, as well as Disneyland. These were not identical replicas, due to size and various environmental conditions the Walt Disney World versions had to accommodate. However, the Mickey Wreaths gave you the ability to create a little Magic at home by building them with your family, rather than purchasing a fabricated wreath, Mickey or not, in a store.

For years I held onto my copy of that Disney Magazine waiting for the opportunity to create my own Mickey Wreath. After Thanksgiving I began pouring through boxes of notebooks, lithographs, and other documents in a vain search for the publication. It had either vanished, was mistaken for trash, or is still hiding where I cannot find it. Plenty of internet searching turned up very little in the way of viable official wreath creation instruction. Yet, through all my searching I found that a good portion of the Disney community had cobbled together their own various directions over the years. Using some basic concepts I remembered from the original article, and fragments of ideas others had come up with, my wife and I made attempted to design our own. The results and the recipe are below, but may I recommend adding your own touches (such as fruit instead of ornaments, lights instead of cranberries, or using a grapevine or cranberry wreath as a base) that make your Mickey Wreath you very own.
1 – 18 inch Wreath
2 – 12 inch Wreaths
8 – Red Bulbs Ornaments (small)
6 – White Bulbs Ornaments (small)
1 – Red Ribbon
1 – Package of 16 gauge Stem Wire
1 – Spindle of 24 gauge Flower Wire
1 – Stem of Cranberry Decorative Elements
1 – Door Hanger


First, combine the large and small wreaths in a classic Mickey pattern using the stem wire. Wrap each ear with one strand around the middle of the small wreath, and a second strand along the bottom of the small wreath to the side of the large wreath. This allows for a sturdy ear that will shake very little. Be sure that a majority of the branches are clear of the stem wire so that you can use them to cover the wire later.

Second, attach the red ribbon to the very bottom of the large wreath with the flower wire.

Third, affix the small red bulbs around the large wreath with flower wire, placing three on each side and two near the top of the wreath. Staggering the ornaments along the outside and inside of the wreath creates a better sense of depth in the wreath.

Fourth, affix the small white bulbs around the small wreaths with flower wire, placing three on each small wreath.

Fifth, cut off small sprigs of cranberry decoration and fasten them to branches all three wreaths sporadically. Connect the sprigs to the branches using the wire that held them to the sprig or using flower wire.

Sixth, bend flattened branches out into a more natural position.

Lastly, hang your wreath and enjoy the spirit it gives to your household.

Oh, and what Mickey Wreath would be complete without forming a few berries into a Mickey of their own, thus creating your own Hidden Mickey for the wreath. Even if it isn't a perfect Hidden Mickey.

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Greg said...

My mother made a Mickey wreath form my wife and I several years ago. It is proudly displayed each year. Thanks for sharing your wreath.