25 December 2007

Very Merry Christmas - 2007

Hello friends, sorry the articles have been sporadic for the past few days. I had a ear infection that burst my ear drum in my left ear. It appears that all is going to be fine and there will be no lasting damage, but I'm still a little under the weather. However, I didn't want a little something like that to keep me from wishing you, as well as your loved ones, a most happy holiday!

Thank you for sticking with the Main Street Gazette, we are still young, but we have plenty more magic to discover together. So thank you to the friends of the Gazette who have supported us with their readership, their camaraderie, and their talents, may the New Year bring you all a little magic in your lives, you deserve it!
So, from my family to yours, thank you, and have yourself a very merry holiday!


Greg said...

Merry Christmas Ryan. I am looking forward some great posts in the Gazeete in 2008!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Ryan!

I hope the ear starts feeling better.

Eric Hoffman said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family too Ryan! We all look forward to more great Disney love in 2008.

Get well soon! Take care of that ear.