04 December 2007

There’s knowledge here you can’t possibly comprehend – Part I

When the Indiana Jones Adventure opened in Disneyland the lines were immense. The queue offered a variety of interesting articles to look at, including a “Do Not Pull Rope” interactive area, almost identical to the version in front of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. As a way to pass the time they also gave guests decoders. Decoders for what? Throughout the Temple of the Forbidden Eye are messages in a little known language, luckily Disneyland found a way to translate them, and gave guests the opportunity to decipher for themselves.

Unfortunately, these decoders are no longer handed out to guests as they make their way through the queue. However, over at Netcot, they have a downloadable version that you can use on your next trip to Disneyland. I uploaded it to my iPod for my honeymoon and used it on the rare occasion that the queue actually had a line.

In today’s diversion, you get to do some digging and some discovering. After running over and downloading the decoder available there you can come back here and decode the messages below. For those of you who like history to come to you, answers will be available to you tomorrow. If you do take the time to work out the inscriptions, we’ll talk a little about the attraction and Temple of the Forbidden Eye itself. Good luck my brave archeologists!

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