14 December 2007

Our Holiday Celebration

This morning, while we are surrounded by the many holidays that assemble during the winter, I thought we should take a look at the cards I am sending out in 2007. What I love most about these cards that are available is that they are ambiguous as to a specific holiday. True, there are wreaths and Santa hats, but no where on, or inside of, either card does it say Merry Christmas.
While this may seem a trite item to be excited about, it means the world to me as a preschool teacher. As is best practice when dealing with toddlers and preschoolers, the exclusion of any holiday while talking about the winter holidays basically allows a learning opportunity to slip away. So, while I myself will be celebrating Christmas this year, as I have every year of my life, I find it heartwarming that at least Disney has taken a first step towards including all of us with its holiday offerings.

I also found the Minnie and Mickey card to be truly fitting for the first holiday season my wife and I are spending together as husband and wife. Especially considering we had the Mickey and Minnie cake topper for our wedding.

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