15 December 2007

Young Adventurers – Soarin’

It is time to prepare for your first flight, and today your will be training on a glider. After making your way down the Concourse, you are given your preflight instructions, be sure pay close attention to your flight plan. As you board your glider, be sure that the runway lights are lit, and that you have been cleared by the tower for take off, then smoothly pilot your craft into the wild blue yonder. Gently drift over the various landscapes of California, from San Francisco and Los Angeles, to the Anza-Borrego dessert, Redwood Creek, and Yosemite Falls, and along Monterey Bay, Lake Tahoe, and Malibu, before your carefree flight draws to a close at Disneyland, complete with a firework finale. Be sure to keep a keen eye out for other aircraft and gliders, as well as errant sporting equipment and local inhabitants. After a safe landing, be sure to check that you have all of your carry-on items. Nice work, Captain, you have certainly earned your wings today.

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