13 December 2007

Hi there pal, it’s me, Mickey

Shadow isn’t the only character to be found around Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. Aside from Hidden, and decorative, Mickeys there are several places to get your fix of more conventional characters.
For starters the Mouse himself, along with his one and only gal Minnie, have carved their names into the foyers’ benches. As an added touch, a heart was carved around the names to ensure they would never be separated.
Along the same bench are the initials, W.D., for the man behind the Magic, Walt Disney. While I love that he was given his own detail here, I truly feel an opportunity was missed by not having the initials read W.E.D. After all, Imagineering wasn’t originally called WED Enterprises for nothing.
Lastly, along the back wall of the Community Hall sits a sign dedicated to our favorite quack-up, Donald. Speaking of quack-ups, the word play here is simply fabulous.

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Unknown said...

Great shots!

I need to dig through my Hilton Head DVC pictures to see if I have any cool shots.