19 December 2007

Wrap them up, all nice and neat

If you are taking a look around the site today, you might have noticed some changes. Well, Christmas came a little early here at the Main Street Gazette. Our good friend, and contributor, Eric Hoffman redesigned our logo and our background template, giving the site more of a newspaper feel. I cannot express how truly appreciative I am of his help! Eric is also thinking about jumping in to the Disney blogging game, so I hope to see more of him around here, as well as out and about on his own! You can guarantee that if he starts his own site, the Main Street Gazette will be there to report on it.

We also are in the process of moving to a new address. The Main Street Gazette is moving to www.mainstgazette.com. We tried to get www.mainstreetgazette.com, but unfortunately a realtor had already scooped it up. The address will be changing over the next few days, so keep your eyes out. Oh, and when we have finished unpacking, if you are currently a friend of the Gazette, and link to us from your site, we would really appreciate it if you could switch the address as well. We know it takes some time, but we will really appreciate it! We are sure we are going to like our new home just fine, and we hope you will to, because while the outward appearances may be changing, the content you come to know and love isn’t going anywhere!

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Unknown said...

Congrats on the new logo and the site re-design. It looks great!