13 December 2011

Paint the sky

Once upon a time, there was a boy who would pour over the videos of World Key and interactive elements of CommuniCore. The only thing that could pull me away? The booming opening notes of Skyleidoscope. A daytime spectacular the likes of which haven’t been seen this side of 1987 EPCOT Center. So, what was involved in this production which launched in September 1985? I couldn’t say it any better than the press materials and newsletters Disney released.

Skyleidoscope is a fairy tale come to life. Watch Dreamfinder, the star of Kodak’s ‘Journey into Imagination,’ paint magical rainbows in the sky. Dreamfinder orchestrates more than 70 flying, swimming, and sailing vessels from his fanciful flying machine. Colorful streamers of smoke and daytime fireworks brighten the sky. Add evil dragons, heroes, and ear-catching music, and you have a crowd-pleasing, one-of-a-kind show.
--December 20 – January 2, 1985 Walt Disney World News

Ma’ Dragon and her sinister sidekick, Pa’ Dragon, join the forces of evil in the 1986 edition of Skyleidoscope at Epcot Center. Along with 10 purplish ‘dragonettes.’ They stir up World Showcase Lagoon in an effort to disrupt the ‘good guys,’ whose mission is to paint the sky with rainbow colors.
--1986 Walt Disney Company press photoSkyleidoscope’s appeal blends a magical mix of seaplanes, kites, colorful speedboats, purple dragons, jet-powered seas shells, sailboats, balloons, and fireworks for a wild aero-nautical presentation. This entire spectacle stars the lovable Dreamfinder, from Kodak’s ‘Journey into Imagination.’ Flying above the action in an extraordinary magical biplane, you’ll hear him hoot and bellow and roar with laughter as he paints the sky with Magical Rainbows.
--January 3 – 16, 1986 Walt Disney World News

Dragon boats and rainbow-making flying machines combine with red-white-and-blue daylight fireworks to fill the World Showcase Lagoon and the skies above it with happy sounds and colors in the Walt Disney World 15th Birthday edition of Epcot Center’s Skyleidoscope.
--1986 Walt Disney Company press photo

Sadly, this black and white photographs only give you a sliver of insight into what this incredible show thrilled guests with. While it only ran every day during busy holiday periods, mostly it was performed on a Saturday through Wednesday schedule, it packed the fence around the lagoon with the same capacity of awe-struck onlookers as IllumiNations would today or Laserphonic Fantasy did then! Now, if only I could find a clean copy of Skyleidoscope’s soundtrack to help my afternoons soar along!


Doc Terminus said...

I love how that old photo reminds us of the view of "American Adventure" before the "American Gardens theater" was given a backstage and a roof...

Gator Chris said...

What Doc T. said...

- C.