15 December 2011


Once upon the exit queue for Star Tours felt like a 1970s travel agency or airport terminal, a bland corridor with a few framed travel posters (Coincidentally, if anyone has one of the gorgeous posters travel posters of old that you don’t want, I’d be glad to take them off your hands!). Today, however, the new exit ramp is bright and full of today’s vision of Star Wars tomorrow, err... yesterday.

A single one of the new travel posters has more in common with a portal than a framed poster, and takes up an entire section of wall that would have previously been filled by three separate posters. While not as intricate as the mirrored travel posters of Horizons, the newest Aurebesh (that’s the written language that permeates the Star Wars universe) embellished additions seem to share more traits with those travel advertisements of EPCOT Center than that do with their Star Tours predecessors.

Don’t believe me? Just check out these beauties!

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