22 December 2011

Seasonal display

The holidays are about family and friends, and making the most of the extra time we are given with them during these dark, cold winter periods. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy some of the, shall we say, more commercialized elements of the festivities. A Christmas tree going up on my birthday is a must and a new special ornament is also a tradition in my household. However, there is one holiday detail that few know I’m partial too. Call it what you like, but I am over the moon in love with lamppost decorations.

I’m not talking ribbons, garlands, or well-manicured plants. Nope, I mean the gaudy, tinsel clad snowflakes, trees and snowmen that come wrapped in lights and fill streets and parking lots all across the country. They are ridiculous, but I have loved them since I was a little tike. Disney’s Hollywood Studios does too, apparently. As the lamppost decorations have found their way to Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, Echo Lake, and Pixar Place. They are each a variation of a star motif, which makes sense, considering that stars shine brightest in Hollywood!

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