02 December 2011

Casting call back

A small yellow building on Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with the number ‘ninety-four’ written above it, which leads into Legends of Hollywood can easily be overlooked time and time again. However, the window display often arranged with baking goods has a lot to offer to those who take the time to window shop. In this case, we see Minnie baking away furiously, yet always manage to keep herself clean and dressed to the nines.From the details in the background, we can tell that Minnie is studying up for her next role. While Clarabelle’s Studio Catering is featuring cheesecake, Minnie is reading over the script for Mickey’s Gala Premier. The title card for the 1933 black and white short can clearly been seen in the middle of the window, but that isn’t where the story ends. The cartoon featured beloved characters and caricatures of a veritable who’s who of Hollywood from the time!

Just over the top of Minnie’s head we can see the call back sheet and it looks as if Donald, Goofy, and Pete have made the cut. From Minnie’s script we also get some of the credits, including producer (Walt Disney), directors (Joe Grant and Dick Lundy) and music composer (Frank Curchill). We are also treated to a set of stills from the movie, also over Minnie’s head. The photos include Mickey arriving to the gala and a willowy starlet who was also in attendance, none other than Greta Garbo!

The attention to detail for a window that would often just be passed by is a testament to the love for the characters and their history. It also serves as a great introduction to productions you may not be aware of. Now, if only Sunset Boulevard had a theater or two where you could check and see if the short was playing!

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