08 December 2011

Best two out of three

Once upon a time, Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom had a selection of turn of the century games that could still be played in the Penny Arcade. The arcade closed in 1995 to make room for more retail space, but not all of the games disappeared.

Any day of the week, guests can book passage aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad, okay just hike up to the second floor landing where the train stops at the Main Street Station. It’s likely that you’ll have a few minutes to wait before the next locomotive comes chugging around the bend, in which case, you’re in luck! Inside the air conditioned waiting area is a selection of games, mostly scenes in a flipbook fashion, which once lived in the Penny Arcade.

Even if you’re not hoping onboard the train, I recommend taking a few moments to check out these games. They were virtual reality before it was cool!


Gator Chris said...

So glad these still have a home. I think they fit in nicely up there.

Ryan -- How about the similar machines on the lobby level of the Boardwalk Hotel -- are those also refugees from the Penny Arcade?

- Chris

Gator Chris said...

(gratuitous extra comment to make sure follow-up comments get emailed to me. Sorry for the spam). -C

Ryan P. Wilson said...

No worries about the extra comment Chris! As for the games, the Boardwalk set did also reside on Main Street, U.S.A. once upon a time!