11 December 2011

Disney This Week - 11 December 2011

Kevin Kidney shows off plans for a never produced, 1990 Disneyland parade, Here Comes the Muppets.

A holiday beverage I’m looking forward to, spiced wine in World Showcase. AJ Wolfe and The Disney Food Blog tell us where to find this treat!

George Taylor give Imaginerding readers a glimpse into The Art of Epic Mickey.

Eating WDW and Sarah Holodick has found some terrific food inspired attire.

Andy Jackson gets cooking with the small world at Eating (and Drinking) around the World.

1970s Walt Disney World has a seemingly endless supply of wonders to look back at. This week, FoxxFur at Passport to Dreams Old & New and Michael Crawford at Progress City, U.S.A. both offer hints of the STOLport and a STOLport stowaway.

It may be off property, but I can’t resist a LEGO story, Suzannah DiMarzio invites us along to see the lighting of the first LEGOland Christmas Tree over at Zannaland.

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