29 December 2011

2011 Best in Photo Safari - Pioneer founders

Pioneer Founders could have almost been a World of Yesterday article, what with the leveling of Mickey’s Toontown Fair. However, Minnie’s lineage deserved to be showcased somewhere and, for whatever twisted reason, I had a fondness for the Toontown area (in all its incarnations).

The safaris are some of the easiest to find articles I write, and require the most dedication. When planning a trip, I have to know where I am looking for complimentary or series of images. While some are self-explanatory, others require a bit more digging. The joy I get out of the Photo Safari segments is the ah-ha moment, when readers (or myself) realize just how planned certain details were.

Among Minnie’s many talents, including artistic, publishing and culinary exploits, is her fascination with her Mouse heritage. Much of the genealogy that she has uncovered is mounted on her living room wall. These photographs of her ancestors show just how much Minnie has explored her past and loves her family, and there are some very famous mice in this lineage. Included on the wall are Sheikh Manni El Mousri, Florence Micingale, Mather and May Mousesmith, Daniel Toon, Milo Mouse and Mabeline VanMouse, Milieus and Maris O’Mouse, Mathilda Mousebjörg and Merik Mouström, Merry and Marley Mousill and Princess Marie DuMouse are all framed alongside closer family relations.

With the shuttering of Mickey’s Toontown Fair, these photographs from Minnie’s Country House were removed from public display. But chances are, they aren’t too far from Minnie’s heart.

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