13 September 2011

You can reach that world again

I don’t often venture into my own office for Main Street Gazette content. Granted the texts, publications and photographs I use for research and distributing all have their home somewhere in the shelves and stacks of my office. In fact, when my wife and I moved into our current residence, I was given the spare bedroom/office for my Disney collection on the singular condition that it must all be contained in there. In other words it can’t, as my wife put it, “escape from the office.”Some of the items in my office are from my family’s personal history with Walt Disney World while other pieces I have collected on my own, as a child and as an adult. One particular collection has been a part of my Disney heritage since I was a young tyke, my Walt Disney World pennants. Some of the collection is from my bedroom as a child, while a couple had to be replaced and found their ways back to me as a grown up. While there are those who would consider attaching these rarities to my walls with thumbtacks sacrilege, this was the intended purpose of the pennants, and that is the way I chose to decorate with them.Pennants were once common, relatively cheap, souvenirs that could be found all throughout Walt Disney World. In the 1990s pennants began to fade from the various gift and souvenir shops, and have not yet returned to prominence in any sort of relevant fashion. In fact, one of the latest pennants I seem to remember seeing was a Disney-MGM Studios, with Mickey and Minnie decked out in glitz and glamour in front of the Chinese Theatre, pennant that was released right around the time the park opened.In my collection, you’ll notice pieces that not only represent my personal passions, past and present with the parks, but also elements that made the parks unique and magical. The Main Street Electrical Parade and Journey Into Imagination, to name just a couple. I hope these pennants spark a trip down your own personal memory lane, both in terms of souvenirs you collected and your personal histories with Walt Disney World.

Oh, and just in case anyone has one and is looking to forward it on to a good home, my Fort Wilderness pennant was destroyed in my teenage years and I have yet to be able to replace it. Thanks!


mlw33 said...

I had that orange Main Street pennant when I was younger! Wish I still had it now. :(

Gator Chris said...

Awesome - thanks for the tour.
The JII and Main Street pennants are priceless.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Glad you all enjoyed the tour!

mlw33 - I have seen that pennant available on ebay, so you may want to keep a look out there.