07 September 2011

Commodity board

Since the closure of Pleasure Island’s clubs, nightlife at Walt Disney World has become a touchy subject. On one side, you have those who rally behind the restaurants and shopping venues of Downtown Disney and the wandering entertainment found along BoardWalk. Then there are others who bemoan that the comedy and dance entertainment provided by Mannequins, Adventurers Club and the lot have no equal currently on property. Then you have me, and my happy medium that has found a place to relax, unwind, and get carried away with laughter. Oh, and this place I speak of also has some truly great bad-for-you foods! I am, of course, speaking about YeHaa Bob Jackson, who performs Wednesday through Saturday evenings at the River Roost Lounge in Port Orleans – Riverside from 8:30pm until midnight. The performance, no matter how little or much you stay for, will make you laugh and sing, but most importantly it will engage you. Bob Jackson not only plays songs that everyone will recognize, or he’ll teach to you if you don’t, but he get guests to get up move and interact with one another in a way that makes even the shyest of introverts (like myself) want to be a part of the action and laugh alongside everyone else in the River Roost Lounge.Now, I mentioned food too, didn’t I? Okay, this isn’t the spot you’re going to find a wonderful prepared lettuce cup or mouthwatering cupcakes. There are no curries to crave or soups to savor at the River Roost Lounge. So, what do they have? Some killer bar food. The last time I attended a YeHaa Bob performance, I chowed down on boneless Buffalo chicken wings and nachos topped with beef chili. These are truly great foods that you know are nowhere near good for you. These are the types of dishes you create at home, or order as take out, when you’re getting ready to watch the big game. They are greasy, messy appetizers that fit right in with the raucous good time of Bob Jackson’s set. It may not be fine dining, but it fits in perfectly with the experience and atmosphere.There may not be a Pleasure Island that features booming beats to pass the night away with currently, but that does not mean nightlife is dead at Walt Disney World. These days, however, you have to know where to look in order to have a great time with some killer chow-down treats. Make sure you stop in and tell Bob where you’re from, chances are, he’s from there too!


Shelley said...

I saw Bob for the first time a few weeks ago, and we are going back on Friday!!! It is sooo much fun!!!

Ben from RI said...

Two questions. 1.) Is it covered by the Disney Dinning plan?
2.) Is it also a kid friendly atmosphere?

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Shelley, it is definitely a good time!

Excellent questions Ben! First, it is not covered by the dining plan. However, it is a great time for kids, Bob actively engages them throughout the show!

Bartsy said...

I have heard so much about YeHaa Bob over the past few years and yet haven't made it to see him yet!! Even though I am totally sure that my wife, myself, and even my son (aged 10)would have a great time there!! It is something we all want to do badly and are going to have to fit it in to our next trip. And as for the food.... Well let's just say my mouth is watering from those pics you included in your post. Haha... It seems like it would be a night of entertainment that's right up our alley!!!