08 September 2011

Surf's up

There is a definite feel to Typhoon Lagoon, the fell that a storm has rushed through and left havoc in its wake. However, it is clear that the people who inhabit the area around the lagoon are a hearty lot, just take a look at how they’ve used debris and not quite perfect structures to rebuild their community!One such entrepreneur is Singapore Sal, the owner operator of Singapore Sal’s Souvenirs and Sundries. While surfboards can be seen throughout the lagoon, sometimes embedded in a tree, Sal has used his collection of boards as decoration for his storefront. They’re some pretty choice boards too!

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Ben from RI said...

I have not been to TL in so long. Well over 10 years if not 20. But I remember it to be alot of fun. When we go to the parks, we do it on a budget and usually during the colder months (off season). I don't know when we'll be going again but if it's during the warm season you can bet we'll make a stop at the waterpark.