29 September 2011

Park vinyl

As part of the lead-up to the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney World, the theme of celebrating the forty years has been tied to a variety of merchandise and art pieces. One such item, from a relatively new form of souvenir, is a set of Vinylmations. The set of six figures include two dedicated to Walt Disney World as a whole that harkened back to time tested iconography. Each of the other four Vinylmations are tied to the four parks and feature the park’s name, wienie, and date of opening.

As we approach the 40th anniversary this week, I thought it would be nice to take each figure back to the destinations that inspired their designs. Enjoy!


Ben in RI said...

Love the idea of vernals in front of their respective park icons, but two questions. 1.) Why is the HS pic not in front of the Sorcerer’s Hat? 2.) Where is the monorail pic? (love the ferry) I feel that the monorail is as much a Disney icon as any other park icon. Some people even make a point of taking their kids on their first monorail ride. My Brother still has his ticket from when they let you ride in the very front! Otherwise love the shots and thank you.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Hi Ben - I wanted one of the two non-park figures with a mode of transportation and, with several different monorail figures that I've taken pictures of with monorails, I went with the ferry. The other non park figure I tried to capture as much of Walt Disney World as I could, which the Seven Seas Lagoon with Magic Kingdom in the background seemed like a good place. But speaking for the monorail, I really wish they had place one running around one of the figures, becuase you're right, it is a Disney icon unto itself.

As for the Studios picture. I wanted something that was there in 1989 when the park opened and I was unable to get a clean picture with the water tower.