15 September 2011

Jungle trekkers please apprehend

Sometimes it isn’t what you see, but how you see it. Along the Maharajah Jungle Trek in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the creatures have reclaimed the wilderness that once belonged to them. The ruins, the murals, it all depicts how their lands were lost and then repossessed by nature.

Trying to adhere to the natural elements of the trail, signage for the animal stations have are wooden structures with artwork depicting the current inhabitant. Even information about the creature is passed on verbally, rather than printed. No photographs and no scientific facts in cold lettering, just stories being told about the fascinating creatures that roam along the trails.


Ben from RI said...

I love this concept of storytelling. It makes it feel more like your in the animals actual habitat. Funny how I never actually noticed it before now.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Ben - I definitely appreciate a hint as to what I am looking for, as well as the attention to the details of the story and not a plastic plaque. The chalkboards and research clipboards serve a similar purpose in Pangani, and I love them too!