09 September 2011

Where I live

Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may not feature marquee creatures like elephants, tigers, or gorillas, but the area is home to the celebration of all living animals. Carvings on the tree of life, statues, and colorful animal décor fill the pathways and shops of Discovery Island. In fact, each shop and restaurant is designed around a specific animal motif, such as Flame Trees prey and predator theme. In the Island Mercantile, the creatures present represent the process of migration.

However, when looking at the elements within the store, guests are often drawn to large carved shelves, hanging fixtures, and ornate light features. However, creatures are also present in this cartographic depiction. For each continent or land mass, in addition to the border and compass, there are animal species massed together to become a living representation of their home. The next time you are in the Island Mercantile, be sure to give this map a gander, it serves as a friendly reminder that our global neighborhood is more than just the people who live there, in it’s the animals we share these spaces with.

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