21 September 2011

Only the tasty

Often times, the menus of Walt Disney World are praised or slammed for the latest and greatest creations they concoct. It can often be years in between these types of changes, which explains why they are so scrutinized when the shifts occur. Yet, there are places on property that change their selection regularly, with amazing results. The first thought that comes to mind is the Main Street Confectionery, and the monthly rotation of fudge!

I am talking about this delicious morsel right now for two reasons. One, the tantalizing glimpse I offered of the Pumpkin Fudge last week seemed to set the world on fire. Two, the Pumpkin Fudge should be available to those of you making the pilgrimage down to Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom for the 40th anniversary next week, and it really shouldn’t be missed!To put it simply, this fudge is pumpkin pie on steroids! It has all of the flavors you’d expected from a well-crafted, traditional pumpkin pie, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc., but they’ve been amped up to send your whole mouth a tingling. Purely on the fundamentals of fudge design, the gooiness of pumpkin pie filling has been transformed into the decadently rich and creamy texture associated with top tier fudge.

Often times, you will hear people talk about how they are unable to devour an entire square of fudge due to the sweetness, richness, or filling nature of the confection. Those who have sample the Pumpkin Fudge before will understand me when I say that is not an issue here. In fact, you won’t even have to power through a chunk of the fudge, and I’d be shocked if my fellow fudge aficionados out there were unable to polish off a piece in under a minute.

Seriously, if you are in the Magic Kingdom anytime between now and Halloween, you must color me ashamed of you if you don’t take the time to snack on the Pumpkin Fudge. At the very least, you should pick up some to gobble up in the privacy of your resort room, car, or home!


Anonymous said...

Last October, my mom was down visiting. We stopped into Candy Cauldron and saw there were free samples of this fudge available. Fully thinking it was peanut butter, she pops a sample in her mouth. She was certainly (unpleasantly) surprised! The look on her face was priceless!

mlw33 said...

We just came back from WDW a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping they would have pumpkin fudge, but it wasn't out yet. :(
One year I will get there to try this!!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

eatingwdw - You're right, it definitely has the appearance of peanut butter fudge, especially if you didn't know there were such a thing as pumpkin fudge!

mlw33 - For the past several years we've been there for the first weekend in Oct, and it wasn't out then. So I was shocked to see it out and about in September this year, but certainly happy about it!

Amanda said...

I got some of the pumpkin fudge last December... Oh my goodness... Definitely one of the best snacks we had that week!