27 September 2011

New old-fashioned boulevard

Forty years ago today, Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom were not yet opened to the public, though I doubt it was still in as unfinished a state as the photograph below, but I had to have a Main Street U.S.A. construction photograph today, didn’t I? While finishing touches were being applied and readied for the onslaught of October 1’s crowds, the imaginations of those future guests were burning brighter than a child’s on Christmas Eve. Here’s to the past forty years, may the next forty shine even brighter!
Main Street U.S.A. is nearing completion at the entrance to Walt Disney World’s new Magic Kingdom theme park. Shaded walkways will provide a resting place here in Town Square while horsedrawn streetcars and horseless carriages make their way around the circle and down Main Street past old fashioned shops and cage’s to Cinderella’s Castle at the center of the new entertainment facility. The Magic Kingdom is a part of a complete family vacation destination resort.


Ben in RI said...

My son's fifth birthday is on Oct. 1st and I wish I could bring him to see this event. O'well I guess I'll bring him when he's 15.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I really wish I could be there as well, Ben. I'm hoping and planning to be on Main Street with my child (should I be lucky enough to have one by then) and my father for the 50th. That would be a very good day.