06 September 2011

The most elegant restaurant

THE EMPRESS LILLY -- The Empress Lily, which could be the most elegant restaurant in the Southeastern United States, provides a whole new set of dining and entertainment experiences for guests at the Walt Disney World Village in Lake Buena Vista. On her three decks, she houses three elegant dining rooms, a variety show bar, and a special banquet room and private cocktail area.


Unknown said...

I saw your tweet and thought "It has to be the Empress Lilly!" I have so many wonderful, elegant memories from their as a child. I still refuse to call it the Cab House. I so wish that it would be the elegant, upscale Empress once again.

Stelle and Chelle said...

This may be a totally unintelligent comment, but in one of the first Baby-Sitter's Club books they take a trip to Disney when Epcot just opened and at one point have a meal at the Empress Lilly. I was so curious about it so I found out then it is what I know as Fulton's. Funny how history sort of sneaks up on you like that! Thanks for sharing, as always. - Stelle