10 March 2011

Painting into several planes

When we think of great works of art, we are inexplicably drawn to the museums and galleries that house them today. As a culture, however, artists themselves are not in their element in a museum, but on location where they find inspiration and subject matters, otherwise known as the real world. The creation of works of art and the process of surviving off of that art has often been a life lived in and around the streets where regular people exist, play, laugh, mourn, love, eat, cry and work. This is particularly true of art and artists in France.

The process of crafting a piece of art, as well as selling the work, is highlighted throughout the France pavilion in a series of environmental vignettes. Be sure to stop and smell the oils.

1 comment:

Greg said...

I love these little vingettes. They remind me of the real thing on the Right Bank.