20 March 2011

Disney This Week - 20 March 2011

With all the news coming out of Japan, I feel that no one has put the situation of Tokyo Disneyland into better perspective than Shawn Slater on DisneyShawn.

Jessica Clawson has launched a new project this week, Walt’s Writers. In one of her first post, she digs through the layers of The Imagineering Field Guide to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Speaking of launches, AJ Wolfe and The Disney Food Blog have finally released The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World e-Book. Expect a review here shortly, but until then check out this great guidebook for yourself!

Often times, we spend time wondering what to do when the weather is awful in Walt Disney World. This week, however, Matt Hochberg reminded Studios Central readers of activities to partake in when the weather is gorgeous.

George Taylor has been taking it easy this week, bobbing a long in a Bob-A-Long for Imaginerding. Some people just live the life, don’t they?

Favorite attractions are very personal things, as Melissa Loflin shows us when she discusses The Great Movie Ride on Makin' Memories.

It is hard the balance the needs of a theme park with the natural growth of an area, but Kevin Kidney shows us how it has been done in Farmland vs Fantasyland.

Fiona Doyle has a great dissection of a Discoveryland mural in Disneyland Paris on DF’82.

Yet Another Disney Blog scribe, Chris Fore, ponders what Tomorrowland would be like if it held to the principles Walt Disney set out for it.

Amanda Tinney presents a whirlwind tour of a concierge room at the Polynesian at Disney Every Day.

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