24 March 2011

I've got to see that

Window shopping is easy at Walt Disney World, not only because there is a gift shop on every corner, but also for due to the sheer quantity of merchandise available. Today’s safari however, has nothing to actually do with shopping and everything to do with retail displays, more specifically window displays.

The shops of the Downtown Disney Marketplace are spacious, but don’t have opportunities for guests to really see what is happening inside without actually stepping into the store. That doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re walking into. Thanks to cleverly designed and applied window boxes, signage and shop names, guests have a good idea whether or not the souvenirs they are looking for can be found within.

Today, we’re peeking in the windows of Tren-D and Mickey’s Pantry. Prepare for some stylish, stylized villainesses promoting fashion, while Mickey and friends endorse specific food lines and designs.


WDWParkhoppers said...

I also love the windows over at The World of Disney, especially the princess gown made of Barbie dolls! Whoever does these window displays are amazing! This is a great post, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I have to agree, the minds and eyes behind the displays in the Marketplace create simply awesome imagery!