17 March 2011

Who passed this way?

The Kids’ Discovery Club have outposts in every area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and each station utilizes a critical element in the field of animal study. Masquerading as games, the basic components of a field study skill are passed on to young biologists, veterinarians and researchers. Africa’s post can be found along the final stretch of pathway used by the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and offers a, well, distinctive way to identify animals.

For those of you who are squeamish, or really disliked the Dino Droppings scene of Jurassic Park, I advise you to look away now.

The game found at the Kids’ Discovery Club offshoot in Africa requires smaller guests to identify an animal based upon its hoof print and dung pattern. That’s right, children have to decide whether a gorilla, giraffe, rhinoceros, or lion passed through a section of Pangani Forest based upon its poop. I’ve watched this activity time and again, and each time the adults in the party grimace and the children giggle as they get up close and personal with the fake fecal matter.

So, let’s see how many of you have the right stuff to identify animals in the wild! What animal passed through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail?

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