07 March 2011

Let the memories begin

We all have memories of Walt Disney World, little pieces of the parks and resorts that don’t exist anymore, except in our memories. The foggy, yet vivid recollections are the amalgamation of photographs, other’s documentation and the recesses of our own minds. Here are some of the moments I miss when I visit the Walt Disney World today, moments that may in fact only be as good as they are in my memory.

The swaying climbing rock on Tom Sawyer Island

Rowing boats along the Rivers of America

Running and stomping on the Fort Wilderness boardwalk

The original Citrus Swirl

Daytime fireworks on the World Showcase Lagoon, preferably paired with Skyleidoscope’s Dragon Boats

The Image Works, specifically the electronic coloring books and pin tables


The crew of Kitchen Kabaret

The white spires of Tomorrowland

The turning maneuver of the Skyway over the Grand Prix Raceway

The view of Hollywood Boulevard and the Great Movie Ride

Riding down Residential Street

Dick Tracy, the Rocketeer, and Roger Rabbit overrunning Disney-MGM Studios

The view of a Parisian avenue from Delta Dreamflight

Tapping the World Key button to speak with a Cast Member and then ducking to listen to them call, ‘hello’

World Key videos

Riding atop the double-decker busses that comprised World Showcase Transportation

The Country Bears singing Christmas carols

Expo Robotics

Horizons, period

I have to stop now, the trudge down memory lane is starting to tug too greatly upon my heartstrings. While I take a few moments to compose myself, what are the little, and big, moments from your history with Walt Disney World that you miss?


Leanne said...

The old Imagination ride :(

Jeffrey Pepper said...

The original Magic of Disney Animation tour, with complete working studio and Walter Cronkite and Robin Williams as our guides.

FindingGaby said...

I have to ask, what is the World Key button?