02 March 2011

Too good for words

This week we are taking a glimpse, or more suitably a bite, of Chefs de France. This nibble will whet your appetite for more, but to gain any substance from the meal you are going to have to sample your way through the restaurant’s menu yourself. Why, you might ask? Well, the night I dined at Chefs de France I was with an amazing group of close and new friends. So, while I took photographs of meal components, I did not take all the notes I usually do as your faithful reporter. Nonetheless, shall we start the meal?The France Pavilion seems to sit in a rather precarious spot within World Showcase, with the hustle and bustle coming from internal Friendship launches, promenade grazers and throngs of guests from the International Gateway. This mass of humanity passing by the windows of Chefs de France, however, perfectly set the stage as a lively street in Paris. The same can also be said for the huddled masses packed inside searching for the perfect bite. For one that grew up with tapestries and lighting elements from France in family homes, I can tell you that the ambiance inside Chefs de France is perfectly Parisian and suits larger groups and small romances with equal parts elegance and simplicity.But what makes or breaks a restaurant is the food and beverages provided to their patrons. Again, from one who grew up with regular, and hefty, portions of French cuisine, Chefs de France tastes eerily similar to dishes that came out of my grandmother’s kitchen. I could throw a lot of fancy French descriptions at you here with ingredient names you may never have heard of, but I will digress. The meal consisted of hot soups, crispy yet soft breads, strong cheeses, grilled meats, wine and even some escargot. Not one of my many dining companions had an ill word to say about their meals, which lends itself to the entire staff of Chefs de France.From the moment we were seated, to the moment we shook hands with our waiter Nael as we departed, this was an amazing meal. My over-enthusiasm seems out of place for an eatery in World Showcase that has a fine dining establishment mere steps above its dining hall, but it is well deserved. I hope that my zeal for Chefs de France and the accompanying photographs will convince you to give the restaurant your undivided attention for a meal. You won’t regret it.


Jenn said...

I def enjoy Chefs! The onion soup and goat cheese tart (aka flatbread) is amazing! Haven't been in over a year but need to make time to go again soon!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

You definitely should! The onion soup was out of this world delicious, probably the best I have had in years.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I am hoping to get an ADR for Chefs for my trip in October. I have never been to WDW so I was not really sure about this choice but, after reading this and seeing the images, I am reall looking forward to it. :0)