03 February 2011

Stay true to the Red White & Blue

Segments of Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Boulevard are firmly rooted in the time, design and mindset of World War II. This era is never more present than in the Sunset Ranch Market, where Rosie the Riveter reigns with her food and victory garden, Victory With Vegetables. The wartime patriotism displayed stretches beyond a garden and sign proclamations on this corner of Sunset between Palm and Katella. Here in the Market, even the condiment stand has gotten in on the action.

In four separate sections of the kiosk, where guests pick up ketchup, honey mustard, forks, knives and napkins, stands a glimpse into the world of a child’s wartime collection. Toy cannons, soldier figurines, promotional cards, postcards, books, airplanes, ration books and even a few satirized Nazi figures fill the displays. Most of us grew up with G.I. Joe action figures in our toy boxes, but the child who amassed these objects lived a very different life, and one worthy to be kept in the World War II conversation presented along this stretch of Sunset Boulevard.

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