18 February 2011

Refresh yourself

There has been a large amount of kaffufle made over the revelation of the secret formula for Coca-Cola on This American Life last Friday. While I can neither confirm or deny the authenticity of this recipe, mostly because I’ve never had access to any true recipe of Coca-Cola, I can be certain of a few ingredients.There are several burlap sacks scatter about, as one would obviously do with ingredients to a secret formula, throughout the storage area of Epcot’s Refreshment Outpost. While most guests would focus in on the various Coca-Cola storage and vending devices that cover a wide array of languages (and who doesn’t want to buy the world a Coke?), the true soda spies will take no time in deducing that the bulging bags are filled with kola nuts, coffee, sugar and coca.Clearly some dastardly individual here in the Outpost is trying to mix up their own batch of the refreshing beverage from a swiped version of the long guarded recipe. Either that, or the Outpost features a wonderful sight gag to the most obvious ingredients that comprise Coca-Cola. But the first theory is more likely, right?

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