16 February 2011

If they don't win, it's a shame

Snacks in Walt Disney World come from confectionaries, bakeries, ice cream carts and outdoor stands that can be grabbed without causing guests to divert too far off the path to their next attraction. But what if I told you there was a warm, savory bite that comes in its own on the go packaging, would you take a few steps off the main thoroughfare for it?

Every well-traveled guest of the Magic Kingdom knows the place to get the best hot dogs and spread of traditional toppings is Casey’s Corner on Main Street U.S.A. Not only do the dogs hit the spot, but the feel of sitting in bleachers and watching sports cartoons or resting beneath a striped umbrella listening to a ragtime pianist at his finest is one of the true simple joys to be found within the park. For guests arriving to the park in early afternoon, however, not seeking the full meal of lunch or dinner, but merely enough goodies to tie them over until they’ve wound their way through Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and possibly it’s a small world, fear not, Casey’s has you covered.

I have three words for you: Corn Dog Nuggets. These golden brown nubs come in a small drink cup, with enough of them to reach the rim of the cup (approximately ten), and are delicious. The crispy exterior meshes with the gooey morsels of the batter that adheres to the miniature, juicy hot dog bites in all the most wonderfully bad for you ways. Grab some mustard packets, or a cup of hot cheese sauce, and you are well on your way to a delicious snack. But be warned, they can become addictive and one serving, even with a side of fries, is in no way large enough to be considered a meal for those in the midst of a full day of navigating the Magic Kingdom.

It may take a few more moments away from hitting the next attraction on a guest’s must ride list, but the Corn Dog Nuggets are tasty enough that they won’t really mind. Hot dogs may have originated to portability of the medium, while corn dogs improved upon the idea with breading and a stick, but the Corn Dog Nuggets the bite sized and portably to another flavor-filled level.


Greg said...

One of my favorite corners of the Magic Kingdom! Literally.

Anonymous said...

I like getting the corn dog nuggets over at Animal Kingdom, too. I saw they use the full size State Fair brand Classic Corn Dogs at one of the kiosks over there, and I wonder if they use the State Fair brand "Mini Corn Dogs" for the nuggets as well.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Sarah, no insight on the brand usage, but the nuggets are also good at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I think I only prefer Casey's because of the topping variety, aka cheese sauce!

Greg, it really is a fantastic spot, isn't it? So, when are we getting together there for some ragtime and some dogs?