17 February 2011


Disney theme parks have a history of previewing their attractions to guests as they enter a park. Great attention has been paid to the coming attractions poster the fill the area surrounding the train station at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. Additionally, the concept of wienies, from Cinderella Castle to the Space Mountain spire, have also been used to promote an area and drawn guests in. Using elements that are fundamentally African, the gate of Harambe uses both of these tools to entice travelers.

The gate to Africa, also known as the village of Harambe, is a massive structure that towers over guests entering the land and is the personification of a wienie. The intricate carvings upon the large door are jaw-droppingly beautiful, but it takes a little more effort to realize what you are looking at. Etched upon the door are the animal inhabitant of Africa’s Harambe or, more specifically, the creatures that populate Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. From the expected and highly sought lions, elephants, gorillas and giraffes, to the more unique birds, beasts and baobab trees, all have a place within Harambe and as part of the preview of the excursions within the village.

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